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Steel Mont GmbH is a global trading and logistics organization having its core activities as international trading, trade-finance and project finance of various products and industries. The company is certified as per Quality Management Systems ISO 9001-2008.

Steel Mont GmbH has its global presence through its appointed agents in the UK, UAE, India, Italy and Turkey. This enables us to have first hand information of the global markets on a real time basis.

We are  has experience in the trading business with primary interest in steel, Ferro-alloys, construction materials, coal, coke, coking coal, chemicals, mineral ores, fertilizers, agricultural commodities and mining and metallurgical equipment.

We are a global sourcing company having an annual turnover of around 200 thousand tons. We collaborate with many countries across the globe and deal with production mills in Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, India, Korea, China and other countries.

Our international experience and professionalism in trading, coupled with a wide range of additional services such as financing, sourcing, marketing, logistic and shipping, enables us to provide the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers.

Mining & Metallurgical Equipment


Steel Mont GmbH has experience in supply of wide range of mining and metallurgical equipment, lifting and conveying machines mainly from CIS manufacturers having long history and great experience and reference all over the world.

Depending on customer demand we can supply with full range of services beginning from research and manufacturing of equipment and spare parts up to delivery and installation supervision:

  • Equipment for underground and opencast mining, loading machines and belt conveyors, mine winders, crushing and reloading units, excavators.
  • Equipment for iron-making and steel-making processes such as electric arc and blast furnaces, charging devices, converters and hot metal ladies, machines for feeding oxygen to converters, degassing units, machines for taking samples.
  • Billet and slab continuous-casting machines, plate rolling mills, wide-strip hot-rolling mills, cold rolling mills, cut up and slitting units section, wire mills.
  • Rolls production, forging and press equipment
  • Tube making equipment
  • Cranes and crane equipment, lifting and conveying machines

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