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Steel Mont GmbH is a global trading and logistics organization having its core activities as international trading, trade-finance and project finance of various products and industries. The company is certified as per Quality Management Systems ISO 9001-2008.

Steel Mont GmbH has its global presence through its appointed agents in the UK, Ukraine, UAE, India, Italy, Turkey and Russia. This enables us to have first hand information of the global markets on a real time basis.

We are long time in the trading business with primary interest in steel, Ferro-alloys, construction materials, coal, coke, coking coal, chemicals, mineral ores, fertilizers, agricultural commodities and mining and metallurgical equipment.

We are a global sourcing company having an annual turnover of around 200 thousand tons. We collaborate with many countries across the globe and deal with production mills in Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, India, Korea, China and other countries.

Our international experience and professionalism in trading, coupled with a wide range of additional services such as financing, sourcing, marketing, logistic and shipping, enables us to provide the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers.

Trade Financing

Supply Chain Financing

Steel Mont GmbH provides financial solutions in our specialized areas of trading. We fully understand the needs of our suppliers and customers, and combine this with our well-established financial expertise and excellent credit rating to provide tailor-made financial solutions to suppliers and customers. We maximize the advantages for our customers and suppliers by designing credits, foreign exchange and other financial services to their needs.

Performance Guarantees

Steel Mont GmbH has quality Management system ISO 9001:2008 in trading and supply of raw materials to steel and chemical plants. Company has a primary interest in steel (including all grades of billets and blooms, slabs, HR and CR plates and coils, structural steel, ship-building plates, pellet production, etc.), metallurgical equipment, construction materials, fertilizers, chemicals, and various carbon commodities.

Import/Export Letter of Credit

We are working with the leading manufacturers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are actively engaged in sourcing and supplying raw materials such as anthracite coal, metallurgical coal and coke, petroleum coke, calcined petroleum coke, iron ore, ferroalloys, and other minerals.

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